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    • since everyone is so hype about Battleground, but bg armors are all in the NPC right now, and we can't release BG weapons and all EQs can be quest.  we can have alternative rewards like: Synthesis Tickets - you can use an ordinary headgears + the synthesis ticket to make an costume out of it, but the item attributes will be nullify, also this comes with deSynthesis, if you wish to return your item to original state. (Unbreakable) Ticket - can make your item unbreakable. Attribute Box - where you can open a box that will give you random stats (e.g. dex+1, int+2, str+3, max stat 3) that can be use to enchant to your armor socket. ofcourse this will come pricey. you can add necessities like foodbox, barricade box, guardian stone box, mastela, light blue pots, custom items in the rewards as you may like.  
    • NOTED - and will patch on next update. move on pending status.   Thanks mate.
    • would it be nice to have a soul linker main in the community?
      where s/he can use es- type skills in the pvp? or shall we say that's too OP. we can give him atleast support items instead(minus the es- type)
        by allowing soul linkers to use item such...
      exca set, odin set, valk set, diabolus set, brynhild, proxy, sleipnir, tidal set, orleans glove, and shield.   it also goes for gunslingers, star gladiator, ninja. 
    • Changelogs 9/30/2017   Upg Brynhild - Re-Balance the effect (just read Description of the item) VashStampede Pistol [2] Now ---> VashStampede Pistol [3] =======================================================================              New* Weapon for (Sage/Priest/Star Glad) - Book of the Dead [4] (Available @ Globe Area) and (@ Quest Area) ======================================================================= HOT**** Excalibur Set ****HOT - Added* (Visit the Quest and Globe NpC) Note : All Headgear Re-Balance. (just read Description of the item) =======================================================================   PvP Skull Trader Npc - Added*

         PvP Points Shop Updated* : New item added* ======================================================================= Added* - Globe Area npc.

      This is your friendly neighborhood - isaiah
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